Named one of

       NPR’s BEST BOOKS OF 2014

      “Smart, edgy and profane...This book is loads of fun.”

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                                                Some Dead Genius was also named:


Thriller of the Month/--There are cops, a psychotically brilliant business plan, dead artists, living artists, mobsters, an upstart FBI agent, corrupt officials walking City Hall, and an art dealer with skin a curiously Dorian shade of Gray. Set in modern-day Chicago, Kleinfeld’s style is slick and playful. The comedy is black and funny, the pace fast. His writing is cinematically visual. He captures in print what the Coen brothers do so brilliantly with their heightened realities on screen. Think plot-driven Tarantino; or, The Godfather with wit.--

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Clever, well-paced plot and terrifically real characters… A sharp insider's look at the urban art scene, and an especially addictive narrative voice… There's one thing more to point out while recommending the hell out of this book: The humanity of it. And that is so refreshing in a Gritty Urban Detective Yarn.--

Austin Chronicle